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With interest still low it is the perfect time to refinance. Many lenders are offering cashback deals as well! With rates starting from 1.99% pa ( 2.08% comparison rate) it is still a great time to refinance.

2 Year fixed rates from 2.19% pa( 2.25% comparison rate ) 

Development Loans

Up to 75% LVR of GRV value, staged drawdowns.

We have a number of private lenders offering loan amounts from $500,000 up to $50,000,000.

Rates from 7.99% pa


Investment loan

Do you need help to find a better investment loan scenario? Whether to maximise your borrowing capacity, interest free period or interest rate we have a large selection of lenders to select from.

Debt consolidation

We can look to help tidying up existing debt under one loan giving you better control and potentially lowering your monthly costs.


Business loans

Whether you are in need of better cash flow or need new equipment for your business we can tailor a solution for you.

Either using a cash flow loan, lease, mortgage or a private mortgage, let us help.

About our service

Private mortgage finance has been helping customers for some years now whether commercially or for residential purposes. We want to be a long term partner with you through whatever your plans require. To do that we need to look correctly at where you are currently and listen to what you want to achieve moving forward. We often say ” If we could wave a magic wand, what exactly are you hoping to achieve?”

With our service, we aim to put the personality back into the service we provide. We are tired of the standard mechanical personalities we see all too often.

We focus on loan solutions that are in the best interests of the client as that way you will be happy and more likely to refer us, which makes us happy! 


What We Do

We look at your requirements and then assess which lender we feel is best suited to match your needs. Factors we need to take into account are the loan volume and type, the term required along with the location and type of security to be used plus the total loan to value ratio needed.


Our Approach

Our approach is to help you achieve your required outcome. Our job is to understand and develop relationships with the lenders in order to achieve the best outcomes. Each lender has specific requirements outside of the standard terms and knowing these is part of our job so that we are able to achieve a positive outcome in the time required for you.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be there for our clients throughout the loan process. We do not have a 9-5 mindset as we know that in most cases direct contact with lender assesors and directors is required to get the job done in the time frame. We will also be there after the loan has been completed to help with any issues and to advise where neccessary. 

Why using Private Mortgage Finance is the smart choice

Private Mortgage Finance is a market leader in private lending Australia wide. For first and second mortgages, we offer a range of lenders to meet the needs of both short-term business loans.

We specialise in non coded private loans for business, commercial and development projects.

Maybe you require property equity release to fund a business purchase, property purchase, refinancing of loans, financing development of property, or business expansion. Or perhaps you are looking to increase cash-flow to pay ATO payments or other business related expenses. Whatever your situation, we can help you secure the funding you need as quickly as possible.


What is Private lending?

Typically, lending is supplied by the banks and large commercial companies. However, many borrowers find the traditional bank lending model harsh criteria and drawn-out processes that take too long and are too restrictive. With private lending, the funds are supplied by private investors. They are faster, with greater flexibility and with so much less red tape involved.

Private lending loans are secured with assets such as property or land, which can be residential or commercial. Depending on the location and type of the asset, the ‘loan to value ratio (LVR) may vary. However, multiple assets can be used to secure the loan required.

Private loans are usually for shorter periods of time; 2-12 months but can be taylored made to suit the borrower’s requirements.


As a leading brokerage in Australia, we receive a number of applications from introducers.

We welcome all inquiries from Financial Planners, Real Estate Agents, Solicitors, Accountants and Insurance agents with suitable scenarios.

Our lender features include;

  • Loans up to 95% LVR  Residential and 75% LVR commercially (subject to valuation and location)
  •  Mortgages, both for residential and commercial plus development loans tailored on a case by case basis.
  • Quick decisions

Referrals paid on each deal, no accreditation needed.

If you have a scenario you wish to discuss please call on 0434845461 or email us at nick@privatemortgagefinance.com.au

Success Stories

This client needed a second mortgage for approved extension works to his main residence. There was a lack of satisfactory recent income and the combined LVR was 70%. We were able to complete the loan after valuation and first mortgage check within two weeks. We have also brokered an extension for this loan.

Company Director

Sunshine Coast QLD

This company needed a first mortgage on their resisdential property along with refinacing second mortgages on a number of commercial properties in order to finanace and pay for the first stage of a large commercial project. We had to do this in two stages, firstly establishing the first mortgage which paid for the purchase of the commercial site along with the costs related to all the costs in establishing the new second mortgages.

Assisted Broker deal

Packenham VIC

We found the financing for a 65% LVR residential purchase of $3M with plans for a retirement village. DA approval had not been established. Capitalised interest for the first six months. Exit was by construction finance.

Assisted Broker deal

Development VIC